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Please always refer to the most current CHANGELOG on our SVN webtree.

Version: $Id: CHANGELOG 3003 2007-12-08 11:05:17Z piezzi $

Sourdough 0.3.5-alpha                                         2007-12-08
[#] Sd_Util/Sd_Exif: fixed datetime parsing of pictures with invalid 
    EXIF information
[*] updated thirdparty module patTemplate to 3.1.0
[*] updated thirdparty module patForms to 0.9.0b3
[*] updated thirdparty module PHPMailer to 2.1.0beta2
[*] now using svn:externals for thirdparty modules

Sourdough 0.3.4-alpha                                         2006-01-04
[summary] Extended Captcha image verification & various additions.
[+] Extended Sd_Image/Sd_Captcha to support a better Captcha algorithm 
    using ImageMagick.
[+] Added examples Sd_Image/example2 + example3 to demonstrate Captcha 
    image generation.
[+] Added Sd_Captcha::destroy()
[+] Added filename extension renaming script scripts/
[*] Captcha validation string is now stored as MD5 hash in session.
[*] Replaced windows-fonts by Bitstream Vera Fonts,
[#] Fixed filename extension changing. It now works and is a lot easier.
    e.g. see YaBook-FAQ:

Sourdough 0.3.3-alpha                                         2005-12-26
[summary] Extended to support Captcha image generation & more.
[+] added Sd_Captcha, anti-flood image verification.
    This is an effective way of protect you from spambots and is easy to
    implement in your own application.
[+] added Sd_Img::outputImage(), Sd_Img::getBestSupportedImgType()
    Output an image by using the best supported GD2 image type.
[+] added Sd_Color::getImageColorAllocate()
[+] added Sd_HttpHeader
[+] added Sd_SavantTemplate - Savant Template Extension Wrapper
[*] new method Sd_Url::getBaseUrl()
[*] Sd_Session now calls start() directly from the constructor.
[*] Sd_Session->setCacheLimiter() is only called on Sourdough's own SQL
    implementation. PHP's standard session management uses cache_limiter

Sourdough 0.3.2-alpha                                         2005-08-14
[summary] maintenance release only
[*] more consistent Flyweight Pattern design of the Sourdough global
    class. Objects are now instantiated and accessed directly using
[+] added Sd_Db::moveRelative() to move relative backward and foreward 
    in resultset
[+] added Sd_Util/Sd_Stripper, unicode conversion of character entities
[+] added wrapper for thirdparty/patForms
[*] coding standards: using studly caps conventions in Sd_BBcode
[*] Sd_Image_imagick: tested on PECL/Imagick 0.9.11 under ImageMagick 6
[*] added code folding tags for usage with Eclipse Code Folding plugin
[*] updated thirdparty module patTemplate to 3.0.1
[*] updated thirdparty module patForms to 0.9.0a2
[*] updated thirdparty module PHPMailer to 1.73
[#] using basepath in __autoload() to avoid conflicts with include_path
[#] Sd_Image_im: swap image dimensions on 90/270° rotations as this is 
    not done by ImageMagick
[#] fixed class names of Pgsql drivers in Sd_Db

Sourdough 0.3.1-alpha                                         2004-05-13
[#] Sd_Image: fixed NetPBM image conversion on win32
[*] Sd_Db: changed fetch mode behavior

Sourdough 0.3.0-alpha                                         2004-05-10
[summary] first pulic release

[summary] A short summary that describes the release
[+] new features
[*] improvements
[#] fixed bug (if available, specify request ID)

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