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This is a work in progress. If you have a question that you think would benefit others using Sourdough, please add it to the comments and we will address it in this FAQ.


Can I use your classes independently?

A. Some of them: yes - most of them: no. There are dependencies between various classes and it is not recommended to extract from the whole framework. As Sourdough is a factory driven framework using a flyweight pattern in its design, there won't be any high load if you just use a small part of it. Instead of extracting classes from the framework, you better extend the framework with your own classes and submit us your changes. Like this you could help us a lot in development.

Does Sourdough support caching?

A. Sourdough does not support caching of loaded objects. It was felt that caching managers would not add significant performance benefit in a PHP environment. Also, Sourdough's thirdparty template system (patTemplate) is not intended to have caching capabilities.

How hard would it be to use my preferred DB abstraction layer (MDB, ADOdb, DB ... etc.) instead of Sourdough's built-in?

A. This would be pretty dificult and wouldn't make a lot of sense as Sourdough's DB abstraction layer is one of the framework's main part. A lot of classes in Sourdough make usage of that layer. If you are set on using an existing RDBMS abstraction layer you could always create a wrapper class.

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What's that #5 billiard ball all about in your logo?

A. Nope, Sourdough is not yet that mature to gain such a high version number. A billiard ball already comes much closer. AFAIK it is just the new logo of PHP 5. I love it. Simple yet beautiful.

How much does Sourdough cost?

A. Nothing. Sourdough is free, having been released under the Lesser GNU Public License. Those of you familiar with open-source software can stop reading now. For those of you who are used to paying for software, no, we're not kidding, it's really free. And not only is it no-cost, but it's yours to modify and redistribute, too; the only restriction is that you can't turn around and make it not free. So, you can download Sourdough and install it on as many computers as you want, and let as many users as you want use it, without having to pay a penny to anyone, and you can make changes to the way it looks or operates, either for local use or for redistribution. The LGPL even allows you to use the Sourdough framework in proprietary programs; if you are considering doing this, please read the license, and, ideally, let us know. And besides, I'll put up a paypal button soon.

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