We believe that good documentaiton is probably the single most important thing for a successful project. Still not everything is done yet, but there's already quite a bit of resources. Please let us know about areas that are unclear, helpful additions, etc.

  • Installation [1]
    • A quick install guide for a quick installation
  • Getting Started [2]
    • Everything you (should) need to get started.
  • Database Abstraction [3]
    • A detailed documentation for the database abstraction classes. Sourdough provides you with powerful database classes and the SQLHelper object that helps you build your SQL queries.
  • Components [4]
    • Overview of all Sourdough components with a short explanation.
  • FAQ [5]
    • Frequently asked questions. Well, questions, anyway.
  • API Docs [6]
    • A nice API documentation, generated by PHPdocumentor 1.3.0 RC3 [7] which finally supports PHP5 source. This is not yet completed and the URL might change pretty soon.
    • There is also a downloadable version of the API-docs, available as snapshot [8].

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