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In order to install Sourdough you will need:

  • Any kind of operating system. Sourdough has been tested on both Linux and Windows.
  • Apache webserver ( Sourdough works on both Apache 1.3.xx or 2.0.x. On Windows, it might work on IIS as well, but currently we are not doing any testing on it.
  • One of the following database systems:
  • PHP 5.1 or later version.
  • Image Library (optional, required in package 'image'):
    • ImageMagick
    • PECL/imagick ImageMagick wrapper
    • GD library
    • NetPBM
  • of course all of it working together ... and a HTML-browser

For your information: this site and all applications on this server that use the Sourdough framework are actually served by a PHP 5.6.38 and ZendEngine 2.6.0 backend.

Get & UnPack Sourdough

You can install Sourdough from a released package? (or snapshot distribution) or from Download|Development?. Installing from a release or snapshot will always be simpler, but if you would like to keep up with and (hopefully!) help with Sourdough development, then you should checkout a copy of the source from SVN.


If you obtained a tar.gz or .zip of Sourdough, then you can simply uncompress the archive and move the resulting folder to the right location. (It is not required that Sourdough is located in your webroot.)

For example:

$> tar -zxf sourdough-x.x.x.tar.gz
$> mv sourdough-x.x.x /var/www/sourdough


Installing from SVN ensures that you have the most up-to-date source code. (Of course SVN code is not stable and should not be used in production.)

Please check Development for further instructions.

Setup Environment

There's not a lot to do once you have unpacked your Sourdough distribution. Sourdough should work under pretty any PHP configuration, no matter how misconfigured it is.

You might want to add the sourdough directory to your PHP include path. This is not required as the only file you will ever need to include is the main Sourdough.class.php. Sourdough takes care of the rest. Still, if you don't wish to specify a path on the inclusion of that file, simply edit your php.ini and add this directory to the include_path variable:

# Unix

; Windows

Reference Installation

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